Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is an expression of who we are and how we do business at APG Europe. The code of conduct describes the principles that all our employees must understand and leads the way to as to how we must conduct ourselves during our daily work and in our relationships with people in our work environment. The code of conduct is applicable to all employees of APG Europe, in all countries. We are all responsible that the fundamental principles of the code are adhered to and concretized in the activities that we as individual employees represent. The code of conduct of APG Europe is adopted from our listed Swedish holding Indutrade AB

Integrity following ethical norms

We act with integrity and high ethics in all of our business relationships. APG Europe have many different business relationships with suppliers, customers, acquisition candidates and shareholders. To be able to grow and develop, we must maintain high confidence among our most important stakeholders and people in our operating environment, and be a trusted partner. There are no shortcuts here – we must do the right thing in all situations.

Healthy, responsibility and safe together

We take responsibility for our own and others’ health and safety at the workplace. APG Europe aspires to offer all employees a safe and healthy workplace. Eliminating obvious physical risks goes without saying. Influencing people’s attitudes and behaviours can sometimes be a greater challenge, as can be countering stress and psychosocial illness. We have a joint responsibility to make each other aware of health and safety risks and to create workplaces where people are comfortable and can perform well.

Relation, openness, respect, influence

The relationship between employer and employee is characterised by openness, respect and influence. Every workplace within the Indutrade Group is unique – each with its own history. Company culture is not in the walls but in how we treat each other, every day. For us it goes without saying that the interaction between employer and employee is built upon mutual respect and that we can be open and receptive both to criticism and good ideas.

Respect for fundamental human rights

We strive for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights. APG Europe is a growing group with subsidiaries in other countries. Regardless of where in the world we work, people’s fundamental rights and freedoms shall be respected and protected. Within our own operations and in contexts in which we have an opportunity to influence, we shall strive to ensure that people’s rights and freedoms are respected and protected.

Contributions to environmental responsibility

We strive to continuously reduce our environmental impact and assist our customers in reducing theirs. APG Europe has operations engaged in operations that conduct sales of products. We have a very high level of technical expertise and are market leaders in our respective niches. From this starting point we dare promise that we always strive to improve our operations and products from an environmental perspective and that we can help create environmental benefits for our customers.

Contributions to the local community

We are good neighbours and seize the opportunities to strengthen the communities in which we work. APG Europe have strong local ties, and our operations are often conducted in smaller cities or towns. Our business philosophy includes a commitment to staying in place, taking advantage of and developing existing competence, and contributing to creating stability in the operations. We strive to recruit new employees locally, and we offer jobs and internships to young people.

Administration of the code of conduct

The Code of Conduct has been adopted by Indutrade’s board of directors. The Board shall evaluate the Code and its application yearly and update it when necessary.
  • The presidents of the respective subsidiaries have ultimate responsibility for familiarising their employees with the Code of Conduct and for ensuring compliance with the Code within their own respective organisations.
  • It is also the respective subsidiaries’ presidents who determine if there are other actors in the company’s value chain who are to be covered by the Code of Conduct, such as vendors, contractors or subcontractors.
  • Indutrade’s management is responsible for following up that the Code of Conduct is known and complied with in the Group’s subsidiaries. This is part of the annual monitoring of internal control.
  • All employees are encouraged to report any deviations from the Code of Conduct – primarily to their immediate managers, and secondarily to any member of Group Management or via the Group’s whistleblower function: