Our approach

Progressive craftsmanship, packed in knowledge and quality

Every customer is unique, with his own needs and goals. We deliver our products and services on the basis of your specific wishes.

Your products serve a purpose, each of which requires their own packaging solution. Whatever your question is, you can always count on us. Our customer-oriented, professional packaging specialists work from a passion for packaging, which we call: progressive craftsmanship.

Our approach

Produced with care and attention

We see your packaging as 'the beginning' - the basis for processes, solutions and developments. These lead to better working conditions, more efficient working methods and a higher quality of care and life. That is why APG Europe pays the utmost attention to developing and compiling a product line that is as complete as possible. With high- quality products.

A perfect base

The result of your production or research partly depends on the products you work with. The base must be perfect. After all, you must be able to rely 100% on it so you can fully focus on your work, your customers and your return. In this way, again and again the great value of the correct application of packaging, laboratory glassware and / or chromatography accessories is shown.

Supply chain management partner

Partnership works for APG Europe in two ways. In the first place we are partners for our customers with customized solutions and comprehensive service. We are also partners for an international network of reliable suppliers and employees. Together, we are focused on innovation, quality and solutions for our customers. As a supply chain management partner, we continually strive to find and develop new packaging technologies and logistics solutions, tailored to the demands and developments of our customers. From this basis we take customer-oriented steps.

Because we work with customer groups, the customer is central, the process remains efficient; we can learn from each other and challenge each other to go the extra mile for you. There is a team next to you, a committed group of specialists with a passion for packaging.

Finger on the pulse

Society and the market are developing in demand and in possibilities. Success is linked to monitoring these developments. APG Europe assists you in this. Quickly, thoughtfully. This is why APG Europe keeps its finger on the pulse and, together with you, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions in the product field, but also within the logistics field of supply chain management or through expert QA/QC support.