We solve the challenges in availability between products, services and document processes. Optimal availability enables our customer to become competitive.

The high standards of our suppliers are the starting point of every solution. Our suppliers understand the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry like no other. It is therefore these standards that lay the foundation for consistent quality and high-quality packaging.
Within ultra-sensitive processes and meticulous production methods, the result falls or stands with reliability and accuracy. Documented standards and certifications are of great importance for productions within all sectors. Having the right documentation / certification available ensures:

  • The optimal packaging selection is simplified for projects. It is known in advance what is or will be available in the case of a production order.
  • Filing is simplified for registrations. Relevant product and process information of packaging materials has already been documented and can be added to the registration file without additional activity.
  • In the case of deliveries, the packaging materials are identified quickly and unambiguously. The approval procedure is optimized.


Within 2 weeks we will publish an exclusive interview with Joris de Haer, Supply Chain Manager APG Europe, in which he talks about the importance of availability of primary packaging and resources for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.