LOG as a partner

Confidence that your product will be protected and delivered in the best possible condition

LOG is committed to the highest standards of quality required in the pharma-packaging industry as reflected by our ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 certifications. In addition, both production sites in Israel and Hungary have successfully passed audits by leading pharmaceutical companies.

Confidence that LOG will deliver cutting-edge innovation that will meet your current and future market needs

As a well-known market leader in innovative barrier packaging solutions, LOG will continue to offer advanced products in the fields of:

  • Active and passive barrier packaging solutions
  • Child resistant packaging
  • Anti-counterfeit and tamper evident solutions
  • Smart packaging

Confidence that LOG is the right choice as your long-term partner

Established in 1971, LOG has spent more than 50 years building a wide range of standard and customized packaging solutions and providing dedicated and responsive customer support to leading global pharmaceutical companies.As a privately owned, profitable and constantly growing company, LOG will confidently support you as a long-term partner.

LOG as a partner