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LOG’s innovative packaging solutions provide you with the confidence that your product will be protected and delivered in the best possible condition.

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LOG packaging provided by APG - your no1 platform for pharmaceutical packaging.

We solve the challenges in availability between products, services and document processes. Optimal availability enables our customer to become competitive.

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APG & LOG - high quality packaging

Delivering quality is something that distinguishes us as a partner. Quality as agreed. A promise that we fulfil day in and day out.


Oustanding customer service with a smile

With us you, and our relationship with you, are always number one. We are at your service with more than 30 employees, all specialized in finding the right packaging solution for your application.


Controlling costs and managing total cost of ownership

The principle of TCO as included in our philosophy for supply chain management, shows an enormous field of potential win-win cost savings.


APG & LOG, your partners for innovative operational efficiency

By listening carefully to our customers, we develop practical solutions in an innovative way. Added value through operational efficiency.

Celebrating APG & LOG partnership

LOG is committed to the highest standards of quality required in the pharma-packaging industry as reflected by our ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 certifications.


The LOG-Packer series keeps your vitamins, minerals and supplements safe and secure. Robust containers with a high-quality pharmaceutical standard.

ECO Line
Introducing the Barrier ECO Line, a unique pharma-grade HDPE resin powered by Dow with superior gas barrier properties allowing to reduce bottle weight by up to 30% without compromising on WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate).


We manage the flow of primary packaging and services from manufacturer to delivery at your facility. It involves planning, organizing, warehousing and controlling all aspects of the supply chain providing you a competitive advantage. Try us!


Packaging for solid formulations designed for the pharmaceutical industry, which offer high-quality level of material control and process integrity.


The MultiBlock® multilayer product family offers protection for formulations that are sensitive to oxygen as well as moisture permeation.


The MonoBlock® product family offers protection for solid and liquid formulations that are sensitive to moisture permeation. 


The OxyBlock® multilayer product family offers protection for solid formulations that are sensitive to oxygen permeation.

We assess potential risks to the quality of primary packaging material and follow quality risk management principles supported by organizational structure, procedures, processes, resources, and actions embedded in our daily practices.