By listening carefully to our customers, we develop practical solutions in an innovative way. Added value through operational efficiency.

By listening carefully and listening to the essence of customer requirements, we can start working for you in an innovative way. Add innovative value. This can be done by developing something completely new or choosing specific options, such as developing an appropriate supply chain management solution.

We will give you maximum insight into the logistical aspects of our supply chain management model. That is why we offer you the opportunity to develop a secure online customer portal together with you. This allows you to manage your own safety stock, call-offs, delivery plans, backlog, customer item numbers and batch records 24/7. In addition, all transaction-oriented documents can be downloaded: optimal availability if you need it.


Within 2 weeks we will publish an exclusive interview with Ronald van Haaften CEO APG Europe, in which he talks about the importance of innovative primary packaging, processes and supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.